Danone Dumex competitive edge

AKMAZNI maintain the brand’s competitive edge? 1.0 Introduction 1.1 COMPANY BACKGROUND Danone Dumex[1] is part of Groupe Danone, a Fortune 500 company which was operate since 1958, one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world. Its headquartered is in Paris, France. Besides, Danone Dumex manufactures infant and child nutritional products and these … Read More»

Strategy direction

long term: which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a challenging business environment to meet the needs of markets and to fulfil stakeholder expectation”. Executive Summary: In the business industry, it is very difficult to seem companies are reach to the success. One day they have to be faced, other … Read More»

Strategy and practice

Strategy and practice Human resource management and industrial relations The role of line managers in human resource management Abstract Recent research indicates that there is an increasing trend that human resource specialists and line managers share more effective responsibility for their organization’s human resource practice. However, HR specialists and line managers often have different opinions … Read More»

Strategic Management; shaping the long-run performance of the business

Introduction Strategic management Strategic management can be described as set of executive action and conclusions that helps in shaping the long-run performance of the business. It is inclusive of environmental scanning, both internal and external environment, and strategy formulation, implementation of strategies, assessment and control processes. Henceforth, strategic management highlights on the evaluation and monitoring … Read More»

Nokia competencies

This report examines the core competencies that contribute most significantly to Nokia’s competitive advantage. These consist of organisational culture and research and development. Nokia’s competitive advantage will be analysed based on corporate brand and products and services base, then personal analysis reported. 2.0 Theoretical idea of core competencies Firms possess competencies through efficient use of … Read More»

Determining factors of national advantage

some industries within nations are more competitive than others. Determining factors of national advantage has become known as Porters Diamond. Four determinants are distinguishes below:- 1. Factor Conditions Factors can be grouped into human resources like -skilled and qualified labor, labor cost, commitment etc., natural resources, knowledge resources, capital resources, and infrastructure. Porter points out … Read More»

Organisational and business structures

INTRODUCTION MAIN BODY OF A REPORT TASK 1 I was spending one hour and I have seen different website and I was collect the in formation and written the assignment manufactures of sporting goods likes Nike, puma, Adidas and others. In there are many company provide different manufactures of sporting goods service in India The … Read More»

Strategic business management

Introduction: Strategic business management has its roots in the thinking of the workforce; strategic thinking can no longer become a textual presence of words in the notebooks. The training programs and the meeting conducted at the sense of urgency do not mean that a company is on the right path. In the competitive era the … Read More»

Kentucky fried chicken

Entrepreneurship: Colonel Sanders started the Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 65. Presently KFC is one of the leading firms in food industry around the world. Over a billion KFC chicken dinners are served featuring the Colonel’s “finger likin’ good” recipe, each year. At the age of 40 Sanders first started cooking in a … Read More»

The Body Shop

approximately 30 years, and is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. After the first TBS’s outlet founded in 1976, the company has experienced rapid growth and with expanding rate of 50% annually. When its stock first obtained a full listing on the London Stock Exchange, its price increased by more than 500%. In … Read More»


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