2001 Nobel Prize in Medicine Contributions

Cancer Biology Writing Assignment #1 Topic #1 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (commonly referred to as the “Nobel Prize in Medicine”) is awarded annually by the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute, a Swedish medical school and research center.[6] Established along with four other awards in 1895 by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, this award … Read More»

Causes of Chronic Migraines

Headache is pain in any part of the head that can occur suddenly or gradually and produce a varying amount of pain; in fact, it is the most common form of pain in the United States (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2014). Headache is often divided into two categories, primary and secondary (U.S. … Read More»

Accelerated Diagnosis Pathway Vs Traditional Diagnosis Pathway for Chest Pain Management in Emergency Department

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Accelerated Diagnosis Pathway Vs Traditional Diagnosis Pathway for Chest Pain Management in Emergency Department   Having intense chest pain usually gets people to be admitted to the hospital quickly. However, research now suggests there should be reassessment of the guidelines currently used to evaluate likely severity of one’s pain conditions. According … Read More»

A Clinical Overview of Laron’s Syndrome

Abstract: Laron’s Syndrome, which is also known as Laron-type dwarfism, is a rare disease; primarily characterized by a short stature. The disease is caused by the body not being unable to utilize human growth hormone. The root cause of this insensitivity is usually a mutated growth hormone receptor. Affected individuals are born near normal size … Read More»

Acoustic Neuroma: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Acoustic neuroma, otherwise known as Vestibular schwannoma, is a slow growing tumor that develops due to the overproduction of Schwann cells (John Hopkins Medicine, 2019). The growth is on a nerve in the inner ear which leads up to the brain. This eighth nerve from the inner ear to the brain, which is known as … Read More»

Acute Bronchitis Epidemology, Risk Factors and Management

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract Acute Bronchitis is a common respiratory infection seen in primary care settings and effects millions of patients each year. Although acute bronchitis can be caused by several agents, viruses are the most common cause. The clinical presentation of acute bronchitis is characterized by a cough with or without sputum and signs of … Read More»

Acute Coronary Syndrome: Simptoms, Treatment and Insurance

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Acute Coronary Syndrome Abstract According to data published from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), it is estimated that 16.5 million Americans over the age of 20 have been diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease. This was based on data collected between 2011 and 2014.  (Benjamin, Blaha, & Chiuve, 2017) Acute Coronary … Read More»

Acute Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation on Nerve cells and Sleep Quality

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Mobile phones have become an essential tool for us in everyday life but its rapid growth in popularity since the 2000s has sparked many concerns of its safety. Its emittance of radio frequencies (RF), electro magnetic fields (EMF) and close proximity to the brain has given reason for exploration into its effects on … Read More»

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatments

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is a type of cancer that arises in the lymphoid kind of blood cells in bones.1 In this type of cancer, there are a large number of immature lymphocytes, which are the early version of white blood cells in the bone marrow. Leukemia cells spread in the body rapidly and travel to various … Read More»

Acute Pancreatitis: Causes, Treatment and Progression

The pancreas is one of the most important organs in the body, especially when it comes to the breakdown of dietary fats and lipids. It is known as one of the body’s main source of lipases (enzymes that break down fat into simpler molecules) which is why it can have such dire consequences when infected. … Read More»


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