2D Representation of Inviscid Air Flow over a Sphere

Abstract This lab is a 2D representation of inviscid air flow over a sphere using the analogy of constant voltage lines on conductive paper with stream lines and potential lines. Lines were traced at several voltages measured along the paper. These lines, depending on how the paper was oriented in relationship to the current flow, … Read More»

Absorption Spectroscopy of Conjugated Dyes and Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract Conjugated polymethine dyes and the cadmium selenide nanoparticles that were animate to their last incite energy rank were indagate by infrared (IR) spectroscopy. The dyes were comparison with varying polymethine chains (p = 7, 9, and 11) with highest peak wavelength at 590 nm, 705 nm, and 820 nm. The wavelength was … Read More»

Adaptive Optics Overview

Adaptive Optics Adaptive optics is a technological development used for optical system performance improvement. It works by reducing the effect of wavefront distortions. Light from a distant celestial object gets distorted as it passes through earth’s atmosphere, thus a telescope located on earth’s surface cannot form accurate images. It would take a telescope placed above Earth’s surface, … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Beyza GÖLGE   In todays, demand for electric energy has increased with growing world’s population. Modern society has depended on fossil fuels for energy. However, because of the fact that fossil resources are limited and cannot last a long time, human beings have been in quest for finding new alternative energy sources. Since 1939, they … Read More»

Advantages of Metamaterials

Juan Castellanos   The future is here and you wouldn’t believe how far research has come. Through countless experiments and hard work scientists have expanded the limits on what we thought to be impossible via advances in metamaterials. These so called “metamaterials” are artificially constructed improvements over naturally occurring materials commonly used in inventions. These … Read More»

How Do Aeroplanes Fly?

Leo Wang Introduction: Aeroplanes have become an increasingly popular method of transportation for human beings to travel all over the world. In this case, some people may consider why the aeroplanes drive faster or how these huge machines fly successfully in the air. This research is mainly to figure out this amazing ability for a … Read More»

Aluminium Heat Capacities

Aim The aim of the experiment was to determine the specific heat capacities, with uncertainties, of two different materials; for the purposes of this experiment, it was chosen to be aluminium Introduction Specific heat capacity is defined as the quantity of heat energy, which will raise the temperature of unit mass (1kg) of a substance … Read More»

Amplitude Equations Using Pendulums

This report will compare the amplitude formulas thus investigating why they are different. [ar1]The purpose of this report is to find why there is a difference by comparing the two formulas, it will also test why when the amplitude is increased the time-period will consequentially increase. The experiments conducted for this report will use simple methods … Read More»

Analysis of the Doppler Effect

Assignment 3: topics and themes in physics- oscillations and waves Doppler radar A Doppler radar is specialized radar that uses the Doppler Effect to produce data about an objects velocity at a given distance. Doppler radar works by bouncing microwave signals at the desired target and then listening to its reflection, then the returning frequency … Read More»

Analysis of Ferrous Ferrite (Fe3O4)

1.1 INTRODUCTION: The naturally occurring ferrite is the ferrous ferrite (Fe3O4) as “Load stone”. In early days it was called as ferromagnetic material. L.Neel, tells us that these materials are “ferromagnetic” material due to uncompensated anti parallel spin arrangement. Due to interesting intrinsic properties magnetic materials are classified into Ferromagnetic materials, Ferrites. In last decades … Read More»


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