The Enlightenment Revolution

The Enlightenment was an intellectual revolution in the thought domain in the 18th century. During the early modern era in the Europe, it was the third significant movement after the Renaissance revolution and the Protestant revolution. The Enlightenment took a new world-view for people to change the world. It emerged from the scientific revolution and … Read More»

Essay on the 2017 Illinois Mayoral Race

This essay is about the Illinois Mayoral Race 2017, particularly the race on Aurora. This was a hotly contested race among the candidates in the different counties and cities in the country. Most candidates were running independent, but the two political parties – Democrats and Republican – were also represented. The specific office that I … Read More»

Abdullah Badawi’s Effect on Political Economy

1.0 INTRODUCTION Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the fifth Malaysia’s Prime Minister (2003-2009), was born on 26th November, 1939 in Kampung Perlis, Bayan Lepas. He was greatly influenced by his family religious background and further strengthened it through the subject of Islamic Studies in Universiti Malaya, and graduated in 1964. Get Help With Your Essay If … Read More»

A Biographical Analysis Of President Bill Clinton Politics Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   For this assignment we chose as a subject: A President and his reign. We chose President Bill Clinton. We chose this subject, because we both once heard about Bill Clinton in the news and we also have read about him, but we didn’t know a lot about him. So we were interested in … Read More»

Abortion Policy in the US: Donald Trump’s Changes

Access to abortion is legal in all parts of the united states, constitutionally protected by the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, and supported by a majority of Americans; however anti-women’s health policy makers and anti-choice politicians have created it increasingly difficult for women to have access, many have fought for their rights in court battles. … Read More»

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln and His “Second Inaugural Address” Delivered March 4, 1864 Though delivered almost 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln’s (1809-1865) second inaugural address continues today to be an exemplary model of leadership, demonstrating its abilities in political unification, cues to nation-building, goals of social progression, and most importantly, its expression of the importance of national … Read More»

Abraham Lincoln’s Political Thoughts of Principle and Necessity

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Crucial to understanding Abraham Lincoln’s political thought is the relationship between principle and necessity. Lincoln applies his thoughts on the relationship between these two concepts throughout his public career, particularly in confronting the debate over slavery and the crisis of the American Civil War. Lincoln’s 1858 Speech at Chicago, Illinois provides a concise summary of … Read More»

A Case Study Of Forced Migration

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) defines Forced migration (or displacement of people, another term that will be used in this paper), a global issue estimating one of every thirty-five persons in the world to be a migrant. At the end of 2008, there were some estimates putting 42 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Only … Read More»

A history of refugees

According to the United Nations, a refugee is a person who flees their home country due to a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.” From ancient to recent times, from poor areas to developed countries, refugees could be seen almost everywhere. … Read More»

Accountability In Administration

Accountability in pubic administration is very important aspect to be taken care in every country. The integrity, transparency and accountability are basic principles of public administration and governments must have a check and balance methods to check their bureaucracy for their integrity and honesty. These principles must be adopted and exercised in the country as … Read More»


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