Baumrinds Typology Of Parenting Styles Psychology Essay

Diana Baumrind, the famous developmental psychologist pioneered the parenting style typologies in the 1960’s after conducted a study on preschool-aged children. She defined parenting style as the consistent patterns of parental behaviours and attitudes in which parents interact and deal with their children and adolescents along two parental dimensions, the demandingness and responsiveness (as cited … Read More»

Basic token economy

According to Martin and Pear (2007), a token economy is a system of behavior modification based on the principles of operant conditioning. The original proposal for such a system emphasized reinforcing positive behavior by awarding “tokens” for meeting positive behavioral goals. Token economies have also been implemented to decrease disruptive behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors. … Read More»

Background Associated with schizoaffective Disorder

The term schizoaffective psychosis was introduced by the American psychiatrist Jacob Kasanin in 1933 to describe an episodic psychotic illness with predominant affective symptoms that at the time to be good-prognosis schizophrenia. Kasanin concept of the illness was influenced by the psychoanalytic teachings of Adolf Meyer and Kasanin postulated that schizoaffective psychosis was caused by … Read More»

Autistic Spectrum Disorder And Offending Behaviour Psychology Essay

Speculation is evident within both popular media and scientific literature regarding a possible association in the relationship between Autistic Spectrum Disorder and offending behaviour. The possible presence of antisocial and criminal behaviour in a sub-sample of individuals with Asperger syndrome has been of high interest to both psychological research and the general public. The research … Read More»

Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain

What is Autism? Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain. People with autism have problems communicating or interacting socially with society. They also may have unusual patterns of behavior, interests and activities. There are five kinds of autism, which is why doctors use the term “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD). The three main types of … Read More»

Autism and Animals

hurt and even desperate. For many parents, especially mothers, that was the message for more than 30 years (Bettelheim PAGE #). Told they were cold and had failed to bond with their children, many mothers had nowhere to turn. In the early days of autism there were few treatments available and only the inkling of … Read More»

Attitudes Towards Help Seeking Behaviour In Individuals Psychology Essay

A questionnaire survey was conducted among the participants the Victoria University Students chose to determine whether attitudes towards seeking professional help changed when focusing upon certain situational variables. The 697 participants in this study each completed a questionnaire which evaluated on a 3 point scale their current attitude towards seeking professional counselling services, whether help … Read More»

Attachment theory in raising children

between eight to nine months of age, giving the child security emotionally. Bonding starts from when a child is being given food, and goes on to participating in pseudo-dialogue and then it is followed by the child taking part in more active roles of proto dialogue, as shown by Kaye (1982), other ideas such as … Read More»

A study on visual object recognition system

surprising then, that a large percentage of the cortex, extending from the occipital lobe to the parietal and temporal lobes, is devoted to visual processing. The ‘ventral stream’ pathway (also known as the ‘what’ pathway) is responsible for object identification (and is the focus on this article) and the ‘dorsal stream’ pathway (or the ‘where’ … Read More»

A Study On Theoretical Perspectives In Maladaptive Behavior

Maladaptive behavior is known as behavior that is “different” than normal. There are many ways to define behavior that is unusual. Antisocial Disorder is also known as abnormal. There are many perspectives known to help define and explain these behaviors. Scientific theories have been created to organize our thoughts and our beliefs to explain what … Read More»

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