Influence of Globalisation on China’s Economy

CHINA CASE STUDY “Undertake a case study of the influence of globalisation on China’s economy, including an evaluation of the strategies used to promote economic growth and development in this economy.” Introduction China is in Southeast Asia, along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the third largest country in the world, after Russia and Canada. … Read More»

Behaviour Modification Of Drinking Water Using Operant Conditioning

Within the scope of psychotherapy, therapists employ many different approaches to handling the client’s issues. A popular approach used in trying to handle problematic behaviours that may be presented is through the use of behaviour therapy. According to Archer and McCarthy (2007), behaviour therapy (behaviourism) gathered momentum in the 1960’s and has since become one … Read More»

The Use Of Ict In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay

Abstract This essay throws light on the use of ICT in the airline industry and what impacts developments in ICT have made on the said industry. The essay highlights the role of ICTs in enhancing airline’s capability to interact with customers, reducing the operational costs, increasing the convenience for making reservations, managing air traffic, administering … Read More»

The Relationship Between Teachers And Children With Sen Education Essay

Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) usually attend a SEN school or attend mainstream education. Those who are included in a mainstream school setting often experience negative attitudes or behaviour from some teachers. Many assume SEN usually refers to students with autism, BESD (behavioural, emotional and social difficulty), visual or hearing impairments. However, S E … Read More»

Research on the Defence of Diminished Responsibility

Research Proposal Provocation, diminished responsibility and the reasonable (wo)man; the implications of the Law Reform Commission’s recommendations. Introduction The crime of murder is one defined by the common law as the intention to unlawfully kill another human being with malice afore thought. Currently, in England and Wales the legal system does not differentiate between different … Read More»

Acupuncture for Chronic Headache in Primary Care

Research Critique Introduction Research involves the use of systematic procedures to answer an inquiry. It involves data collection, synthesis and analysis in the light of the question or inquiry; and formulation of conclusions and recommendations, (Badke, 2004). General types of research include experimental studies which “are used to test the effect of a treatment or … Read More»

Employment Law Problem Question

Title: EMPLOYMENT LAW : In undertaking this essay, the writer will; identify the issues involved in Julia’s case scenario, define and explain those issues using relevant Law whilst applying them to Julia’s case. The writer will subsequently advice Julia and then conclude. The legal issues identified in Julia’s case are; contract of employments and their … Read More»

Analysis of the Postal Rule

The purpose of this brief is to examine and evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the Postal rule in the modern context of contract law. Generally, the Postal rule is used to resolve disputes where there is no formal communication received, or it is delayed by post. It is a set of principles that allow … Read More»

Diabetes: Questions and Answers

DIABETES Diabetes Mellitus The medical name for diabetes mellitus comes from the Greek word that means to siphon and the Latin word that means sweet like honey. Diabetes mellitus is the name given to a group of conditions where there is too much glucose in the blood. It affects approximately 3% of the population. There … Read More»

Equity and Trusts – Problem Question

James has died recently, and has left a properly executed will in respect of his estate. There are a number of provisions in this will, including a substantial financial legacy to his sister, a trust over James’ leasehold estate for which the trustee has since died, a trust of £100,000 for the purpose of benefitting … Read More»

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