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Should Video Games be Considered a Sport?

Video Games has become one of the most popular source of entertainment. Inspired by countless numbers of screaming supporters with lots of cash in prize on the line. Top competitors must hold up against hard training workouts, but also enjoy good income and business offers. We are not mentioning to basketball or football here, but the top-level world of professional activity enjoying. Many activities such as on-line poker, polo and golf have been asked as authentic activities. According to the world Olympic board, on-line poker, polo and golf all fall under the category of activities. But it seems that golf has been the only activity conducted at the Olympics of these three. That makes an odd point, if these activities are considered activity, why aren’t they offered as activity by the Olympic board. “Activision, one of the top activity enjoying companies known for titles such as The Amazing Spiderman, Transformer, and Deadpool is now looking for to create an official ESPN division called Major Group Gaming(MGG)” according to their venture. This has led to the debate on whether video games are a real activity and if Activision’s attempt to create Major Group Gaming can provide an increase in income and recognition or a huge failure.

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In order to figure out whether an activity can become a sport needs a close look of the meaning. According to the vocabulary, a game is “an action including movements and expertise in which an individual or team plays against another or others for enjoyment.” Even though video games easily drop under a classification of skills being used and including one or more participants, it overlooks the movements part of the information. Unless you consider moving fingertips as movements, video games do not drop under this purpose of game. This is only one of many explanations for sport. There are many versions to the meaning that will play an important part in identifying if in fact activities is highly recommended sports on a nationwide field.

Regardless of these activities being considered a sport or not, games companies will have difficulties shifting their competition into a satellite TV game route in order for the game to become worldwide. Although, some activities have been subject of international finalization and challenge around the entire globe in the past 10 years. For example, “League of Legends”, one of the popular game played on the globe granted $1 million to their last year’s champ in the competition.

Such activities being regarded as sport seems difficult to believe but extensive reputation of the category may change the public’s understanding, especially with Activision’s production of Major Group Game. For MGG to become a nationwide feeling, Activision is going to have to achieve viewers other than the range of younger gamers who have come up with preliminary market for expert gamers. The fact that only adolescents have interest in viewing or taking part in expert gaming but as they get older and as the expert gaming field produces, it is completely possible for expert gaming to stick the unique aging viewers as well as the future genesis. By consequence, there may be a pretty firm base for expert gaming to have a world of sports. Not only adolescents would have fun with the competitors, also mature as well. If money is engaged, the viewers will be more drawn to the competitors.

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Technology affect our lives a lot. It has increased rapidly in the field of our basic lives activities. Simulation play an important role in this subject matter. As of today, Sony-one of the biggest company to produce consoles and other devices, developed a device for video game called Virtual Reality(VR). What the VR does is allowing the user to play a video game with the feeling that he is in the video games. Basically, your movement in real life is connected to your character or image in the game. This is just one way of saying that video is not just sitting at on a couch with a bag of food. It also involves physic movement which relate to the real-life sport and exercise.

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