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The Concept Of Early Marriage Society Essay

Everyone knows the problem of young and adults because of its adverse effects on the family and society, and has negative implications in terms of health, psychological and economical aspects(14 October) newspaper some of the members of the community to know the damage this marriage that people complain about it.

Effects of Early Marriage

Early marriage effects can be both negative and positive, it may be a successful marriage, but the cons are more than the pros. For example, we can say that a large proportion of the Yemeni society represent an example of this issue but if we think that this segment live without a stable marriage life we might be wrong and perhaps they feel that they’re happy because they got used to it as a tradition.

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The most important disadvantages of early marriage is that it always ends in failure and paradoxical as it may be married at the request of parents and held them since they were small meaning that marriage imposed does not exist for the passion between them, early marriage, even if they continued accompanied by a lot of problems and the contract, especially after a period of age of marriage, where the feel of each party that imposed on him and that view both to the other non-interest and satisfaction in other words, that feeling and a sense of the party towards the other party no longer has any existence, and that was contrary to the truth becomes a spacing and acrimony between the parties. Another result from early marriage, family non-threaded or non-M in the case of the continuation of the marriage and the reason is due to the lack of full maturity and rationality of the husband or wife and irresponsibility in building a noble family strong and I mean that boys have no one to care for them and bring them good education, because the spouses do not realize the meaning of responsibility of the parties and achieve the desired goal and satisfy the instinct emotional only. may be the man at the age or old age and women are at an early age has been a marriage for the purpose of material or so and thus appear negative after marriage, a lack of understanding between married couples, or different thinking or a difference of age and perhaps married women in an early age was forced and therefore not aware of the meaning of married life later, and may be just the opposite for men who marry early, a woman older than him not as a woman or girl when she marries at an early age is not reassuring for life and face many pressures psychological, social and often mood nervous , feel that they have committed a sin or it is a human being naive, being married at a young age and things are a shame for them and in this age, she does not understand the meaning of a family and have no look to build a society and that foundation is the family sense of two fresh for Dyalrgel and women who get married at the age of early to be inadequate for building the family and society, but remains of early marriage are some positive aspects for the young and the young because it works on the vaccinated and protected from corruption and moral decay and the behavior is normal and is therefore considered this marriage horse for the person and maybe this kind of marriage has its benefits in the face of the burdens of married life and its problems with After marriage, born with the challenge, resilience and ability to carry tow and the requirements of married life so that men have acquired a strong will not weaken in front of the difficult circumstances it was important and this is rarely found in people who were raised in the environment or harsh conditions ..

It could be argued that the benefits of early marriage that children living in the age and age is enough to help their parents until they are old and cannot fear them from the pitfalls of old-time.

Marriage Alambkremcklp haunt community

She spoke Sister / Salwa Mohammed Ali gauze, saying:

Marriage housing and love and mercy to form a stable family united and that the marriage of the ways of God in the universe for the sustainability of life and continuity to what God wills, but early marriage, which means that a person is is ready physically and mentally … etc incomplete maturity and identifies age is under the age of eighteen age, that early marriage problem of great social concern to the community and lead to a lot of social and psychological problems, one of the most important reasons that lead to high divorce rate in society and leads to many social and psychological problems and also lead to a deviation of the children and their estates and are considered victims of early marriage as it is the most important factors affecting the creation of family volatile of the inability of spouses to raise children properly so that they become a burden on society but on their families and themselves, which leads to backwardness and lack of growth of the community and result in early marriage conflict between the families so as not to bear a spouse, each other and Isttie solve their problems but resort to the parents mentally and physically, to the lack of psychological stability in the family and most of this or that loss of life in the bickering and problems that do not expire and age that does not repeat without that we benefit in our religion and our mundane.

Reasons behind early marriage?

The most important reasons that drive parents to marry off their daughters or their children at a young age instinct existing within the human psyche and of greed for material shall be their children just a commodity sold without thinking about their future, which is the most expensive things in life as well as the motivation, traditions and customs that would lead to marriage of children in an early age, especially the girl who beat her and be married at the age inappropriate for her and are not able to bear this responsibility, because age is not formatted to the procreation and upbringing of children, and motivations also underdevelopment which is the problem itself, I mean the failure of parents who push them strong impetus to the lack of understanding that life change and not necessarily to live their children as they lived them, as well as becoming early marriage stumbling block particularly girls Fimnaha of education altogether, or are taken out of school early in life and thus are lagging behind non-educated and have a negative impact on society and therefore fail in her marriage these and other factors help to leave the community and not to link the past with the present at this important point with the harm caused by serious and psychological impacts both on women at this early stage is not ready physically and still members of the body in the process of growth and reproduction at this stage may lose their life or grow properly and is an important factor in high mortality rate at birth Add to this the complications subsequent harmful to their health and the health of her unborn child and most importantly, the injured psychological where infected women are depressed psychological due to the circumstances the new life that can not afford what the difficulties because they do not have experience in how to deal with life, which is still living is the same age children …

Therefore, we have as much as possible to avoid early marriage and childbearing for the risk of significant social and judge our minds on this issue in order to avoid the scourge before they regret when it is too late because a marriage to a social entity and the prisoners must be equal.

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In contrast, At the other end spoke Brother / Abdul Salam future Rabadi said: Marriage is a blessing of God Almighty bestowed on all human beings to the fraught relationship of love and compassion and intimacy between the couple and a family to preserve the offspring of human extinction has embodied the marital relationship, all the laws of era (our father Adam) until God inherits the earth and them, therefore, early marriage is not a distasteful because it is for both sexes, male and female chastity and purity, the purity of the vices which are located in communities that are prescribed in laws and prohibit this type of marriage. helps to spread of immorality how much gets in Western and Eastern societies that do not condemn the Islamic law.

It also has disadvantages may be negligible compared positively by fortifying communities Underworld reservation offspring of human extinction and protect communities from diseases that arise from the delay of marriage as is the case in the communities mentioned above. Therefore I think that early marriage is the only way to protect communities from indulging in the relations illegal and therefore they work on the conservation of lineages and races and good birth control.

Children do not bear the responsibility

He spoke Brother / Nayef Hammoud right: First to Know Why marry boys and girls at a young age and early and say they were previously driven to marry off their children are young because of the lack of hands to help them in farming and the individual, including married women Owalitnin Owalthelat even have help to work and serve the land and planting and harvesting But the question is puzzling in our time because they do not work on farms and became the Son burden on the father rather than what to be the father costly supports an the child only becomes a father costly supports an son and his wife and children This is a dilemma in itself add to the burden of the family I am the opinion that parents do not give the marriage of their children However, when mature and appreciate the responsibility and know the rights of marriage for males and females all of whom know his wealth and what it should be efficient and able to bear the responsibility and expenses of the House because it would establish a home and family I am When I married that my son was young and I spent it will become the responsibility of heavy Ali and therefore will be forced to tell him that God opens you rode your home … and here face reality and do not work, no job and no home do not study a whole part dependent on his father does not compare marriage in the past and present in the past of early marriage was not a problem because life as a whole were not complex, as is the today in the era of technology and the person to go to anywhere and do any work without conditions and the number of hearts of the people was a little comparison of population explosion happening, who is suffering from the country before twenty years have passed a variety of jobs present and most people working in Gulf countries and the rest at home and very easily accessible, but In the present work is becoming difficult, both outside and inside the country.


From my point of view, disadvantages of early marriage causing the number of divorces for the failure of the two partners in the marital life and the ignorance of the girl of their duties and their rights and problems of early marriage is also that children do not know the meaning of marriage and what the duties and rights are married, imagine when the wife is a child and are subjected to pregnancy and childbirth and give birth to a baby is do not know the methods of education and do not know how to care for this baby because they are themselves looking for a mentor, and from the complete breeding, as well as the health problem faced by post-natal … and the Son which was imposed by the marriage and parenthood is not capable nor wise nor very well all these reasons, the above-mentioned lead to the failure of the marriage and lead to early divorce logic is to learn and study and get a job then we can think about marriage.


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